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Name meanings of popular Indian actress


Here is a list of  popular Indian actress names and their meanings. To get more details or similar sounding name, click on the names.

Bipasha – Its a Bengali variant of the word ‘Vipasa that is name of a lake.

Priyanka Chopra – Friendly

Karishma   - Miracle

Kangana - Bangle

Aishwarya - Prosperous

Preity Jinta – Love

Esha deol – Desire

Hema Malini -  With golden fragrance

Madhuri - Sweetness

Rekha – Linke

Vyjayanthi - Garland of victory

Nutan - New

Tanuja – Daughter

Kajol - Bengali version of Kajal, that means Collyrium.

Tanisha - Ambition

Rani - Queen

Deepika Padukone – Full of light

Mahima Chowdhary – Glory

Antara Mali – Stanza of song

Bhoomika - Role

Amisha Patel

Divya Bharti – Divine

Juhi - A flower

Manisha Koirala – Desire

Sonali Bendre – Golden

Vidya Balan – Knowledge

Smitha Patil – Smile

Sharmila Tagore – Modest

I will try to add some more soon.

Hindu baby ceremonies – Part I


In Hinduism every event and change in life is starts with a ceremony and prayers to god. There are la lot of ceremonies performed for a child in the first two years as the child is changing the most in these years.

Naamkaran – Naamkaran is one of the first ceremonies done for a child. It is the ceremony to give a name to the newborn. It can be done after the 10th day of birth. The first 10 days of the child are considered impure. It is the first time the child is given a bath.

After bath the child is placed in the father’s lap. As any other hindu ceremony, its starts with a prayer to Lord Ganesha. It is then followed by the prayer to other gods and five elements. Some families also read out the Satyanarayana Katha or perform the homam, the ritual of offering prayer to Agni (fire god).

Then the chosen name is written on plate of rice with finger. The father then utters the name into the right ear of the child. Then little honey is put on the child’s lips.

Traditionally the name was picked based on the star the child born under. The priest can tell and every star is associated with some letters. The name is then picked starting with that letter. Some people like to put the grand parent or ancestors name as the first of middle name. People preferred to name the children on some god’s name, as every time they call the child they would utter god’s name.

To read more about Tips to pick a name, read this.

Note: The American association of Pediatrics does not recommend feeding honey in the first year. Consult your doctor before giving honey to the child.

Annaprasana : This is the ceremony of feeding rice to the child. The word comes from anna (rice) + prasana (feed). Till this point the child is only feeding on milk. This marks the begining of eating solids for the child. It is generally perfomed in a odd month for girls usually fifth or seventh. For boys it is done in a even month, so generally sixth or eighth.

It can be done at home with just the family members or with a priest doing all the prayers and rituals.  It starts with prayers to gods followed by offering the prasad (generally rice pudding in this case) to god. Then the blessed prasad is fed to the child. It is generally followed by a game where lot of different items each signifying a career or nature are placed before the child eg money, gold, pen, knife(warrior), books etc. The child by this time generally crawling, the child then crawls to one of these objects and picks it. It is believed that the object that the baby picks symbolized its future.

Some Precautions to take care:

1. Make sure the baby is rested and some what fed.

2. Dont try to feed a lot of solid in the first time

3.Make sure anybody feeding the child has washed there hands, even better use spoon.

4. Consult the doctor if the child is ready for solids. Kids can develop rashes with new foods, so some doctors advise starting solids late if the child has sensitive skin or acne problem.

5. Some people like to have all the guests and members feed the child pudding or some honey. This may be a lot to digest a new food.

6. Make sure the child is not developing any rash or reaction to the solid. Hence feed very little.

7. Dress the child in something soft and comfortable. Some indian dresses are not very kid safe with bead work etc. By this age kids can pick or pull small items and can be a choking hazard.

Names of Lord Vishnu with detailed meanings


In Hinduism, Bramha, Vishnu and Maheswara are the lords of creation, sustainance and extermination.  Vishnu means who has the power to Vyapana (pervade).  He incarnated in 10 forms on earth when injustice and lawlessness abound in the universe.

Here are the detailed meanings and stories assosiated with names of  Lord Vishnu.

1 . Visnu - Who is spread everywhere

2. Narayana - Who lies on water (Naram = water), who adopted Nara(human body) in incarnations

3. Krishna - with dark complexion

4. Daityari – enemy of daityas (demons)

5. Hrisikesha - Lord of hrsikas( organs of senses)

6. Keshava - Lord of Bramha and siva. ka (Bramha)  + Isa(siva)

7. Madhava - Husband (dhava) of Ma-Lakshmi.

8. Garudadhvaja – Who rides Garuda.

9. Pundarikaksha – With aksis (eyes) like pundarika(lotus)

10. Pitambara – Who wears yello

11. Janardana - Who destroys janana(birth) and dana(death)

12. Chakrapani – Who has the chakra

13. Madhuripu – Enemy of asura named Madhu

14. Sripati - Husband of Sri(Lakshmi)

15. Jalasyayi – Who lies on water

16. Vaikuntha – (i) At the time of creation, the twenty threee tattwas(essence elements) did not join one another. So Vishnu joined earth to water, earth to air and air to fire. The there individual existence was Vikuntha(prevented).

(ii) Vikuntha also means knowledge.

17. Vidhu - Expert

To find more names of Lord Vishnu, click here

Maya – Female Indian Baby Name with a Global presence


Maya is a very interesting name for girls with roots in more than one cultures and languages.
It a very popular name worldwide due to its simplicity, profound meanings and multi lingual origins.

Popularity stats – It was most popular indian female name for year 2008(83).

Here are the meanings of the baby name “Maya” in various languages:

In hinduism it has multiple meanings. It means illusion, wealth, compassion, unreality, wisdom, art.

The Puranas state that this whole universe is unreal, illusionary and if we feel it real it because of the working this Maya.

The word origin of maya is derived from the Sanskrit roots ma (”not”) and ya, generally translated as an indicative article meaning “that.” The mystic teachings in Vedanta are centered on a fundamental truth that cannot be reduced to a concept or word for the ordinary mind to manipulate. Rather, the human experience and mind are themselves a tiny fragment of this truth. In this tradition, no mind-object can be identified as absolute truth, such that one may say “That’s it.” So, to keep the mind from attaching to incomplete fragments of reality, a speaker could use this term to indicate that truth is “Not that.”

The concept of Maya was introduced by the great ninth century Hindu philosopher Adi Shankara.

Maya is also seen as a form of Laksmi, a Divine Goddess of wealth.

Some other references of Maya in Hindu mythology and Puranic references -
1. Maya was name of an expert architect and builder who served the devas and asuras. He was father of Mandodari, ravana’s wife.

Related names – Mayadevi, Mayavani, Mayavati, Mayana, Mayapati

Maya is the modern form of the name Maia which means “Great mother”.
Maia was a beautiful nymph and the mother of Hermes, the messenger god.

In Roman mythology Maia was goddess of fertility. The month “May” was named after her.

It is the common pet form of the name “Amalia”.

Gautam buddha’s mother’s name  was Mayadevi.

Arjun – The most popular Indian name in USA


Did you know “Arjun” (aka Arjuna) is the most popular Indian name* in USA.

According to the US Social security reports for 2005, it was 701th most popular name in USA and most popular name of Indian origin in USA for that year.

This name is quite popular in all part of  India and does not have different regional pronunciations. In fact even internationally this name is pronounced quite correctly and easily. That could be one of the reasons for its popularity abroad, since one of the considerations parents living abroad make while picking names is “ease of pronounciation”.

Arjun has it’s origins in Sanskrit. It means “Shining” or “Silver”. Arjuna was one of the heroes of the Indian epic Mahabharata. He was third of the Pandavas, son of Kunti and Pandu. He was a great warrior, master Archer and the favorite student of his teacher Drona.

Arjun and Krishna are often referred as NaraNarayana. He is considered ot the incarnation of Rishi Nara, younger brother of Rishi Narayana.

Other names of Arjuna:
Kounteya, Phalguna, Jishnu, Kireeti, Shwetavaahana, Bheebhatsu, Vijaya, Partha, Savyasaachi, Dhananjaya and Dhanvi.

More names that are related to “Arjun”:


Top 10 Tips to choose Indian Baby Names


Choosing a name for your baby could be more difficult than you think. There are many reasons for why such a simple task could become fairly daunting. The most prominent reason…because we want to do give our best.

Indian names like Indian civilization have evolved over last thousands of years. Our scriptures, epics, dieties, nature and traditions have all contributed to the huge collection of names. Internet revolutionized how we search and ultimately choose our baby names. We at Naamdhun have tried to provide meaningful tools to make your search easier.

Here is a comprehensive list of selection criteria, take your pick.

1. Meaning

  • Modern parents are looking for names that have a good meaning. This kind of search usually leads to names that have roots in Sanskrit.
  • Another aspect, people will come up with a name and then search the meaning to make sure the name has some decent sounding meaning.

2. Should be short and sweet

  • There are millions of Indians living outside India plus traditions in urban India are now changing. This leads to the new fashion for names like “Ria”
  • Short names are usually easy to pronounce
  • One can experiment with a long traditional name and morph a short form of it.

3. Trendy

  • A test of fashion is a test of time. One has to pay certain caution here. Research suggests that names that were considered very trendy a decade or few decades ago are not on horizon any more. What is a very trendy name today could be tomorrow’s nightmare.

4. Celebrity and famous Character names

  • Celebrity names have been and possibly will continue to inspire baby names.

5. Pronounciation

  • More than 12 million Indians live outside India. They want the names to be easy enough for foreigners while having Indian roots.

6. Should not have a bad meaning in some other prominent language

  • A lot of names have negative meanings in other languages. This can become a source of teasing for your kid in school. Pay attention to where you live, and the prominent language there.

7. Good nicknames can be derived out of the root name

  • Usually this is not the primary criteria but a plus.

8. Raashi, Star and other similar factors

  • Naamkaran is one of the sixteen essential Samskaras, on 12th day after a child’s birth a Naamkaran ceremony is conducted.
  • Many people search based on Child’s star or Raashi, as these names are considered Shubh and supposed to bring prosperity.

9. Combination Name

  • A relatively new and emerging trend is to combine parent’s name in a way to find possible child names. For example Dinesh, Aabha could name their kid Dia

10. A name A wish for a future

  • Finally, one could choose a name based on what they wanted the kid to become. For instance a Kishore who sings well could be a very good futuristic bet.